Coalition Submits Testimony to County Council

On April 14, 2020, the Coalition submitted testimony to the Montgomery County Council urging them to consider investment in education as an investment in Montgomery County's economic and overall recovery. With the FY21 budget process underway, it is critical that the County now plan for and fund investments that will provide expanded learning opportunities, especially for those students whose education has been severely interrupted as a result of the impact of the coronavirus. The complete testimony follows below:

Board of Education Invokes Black and Brown Coalition Asks in Adopting Budget​

On February 10, 2020, members of the Montgomery County Board of Education stressed the importance of advancing the asks of the Black and Brown Coalition with the tentative approval of the MCPS FY2021 budget. Board members re-iterated their commitment to eliminating barriers to achievement in order to open access and unleash the potential of all students.


Referencing the Coalition asks, members specifically emphasized the need to have effective teachers in highly impacted schools—an area of focus in the ongoing negotiations with MCEA. While no agreement has yet been reached, members noted that this ask is a priority for the Board. Superintendent Dr. Jack Smith agreed that advancing this goal continues to be a priority for the school system. In addition to MCEA, negotiations with MCAAP and SEIU have also addressed the asks of the Coalition.


Board members publicly revisited their pledge to support the Coalition asks and noted their expectation that the resource study data underlying the asks will continue to inform action. The Board also specifically asked Superintendent Smith for a plan detailing how resources will be allocated to ensure that highly effective teachers and leaders serve the neediest Black, Brown and poor students.  Superintendent Smith promised a plan in March.

Activity Update

Since the October 15, 2019 Black and Brown Forum for Educational Equity and Excellence, the Coalition has been active in participating in various Montgomery County Board of Education Meetings, including budget meetings advocating for equity and excellence for Brown and Black students in MCPS.

NAACP Parents’ Council of Montgomery County: The Coalition Conversation Continued…

On November 15, the NAACP Montgomery County Parents’ Council held their 24th Annual Parent’s Kick-Off event at Northwest High School in Germantown, MD.  More than 800 parents and MCPS teachers and administrators participated in this event.  The keynote speaker for the Kick-off was Dr. John King, former Secretary of Education for the Obama Administration, and current CEO of the Education Trust.  In his keynote address, Dr. King highlighted the work of the Black and Brown Coalition and re-emphasized the need to address the inequities that exist in MCPS and the impact of those inequities on the Black and Brown students in the affected schools. 


MCPS Board of Education Communication

 In a letter dated November 21, 2019, the MCPS Board of Education pledged incorporating the Coalition’s four asks into their budget for FY 2021. 


Kirwan Commission Update

Members of the Black and Brown Coalition for Educational Equity and Excellence held a conference about the Kirwan Commission Update and how the information can inform the work of the Coalition in advocating for educational equity and excellence for Black and Brown students in MCPS.